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Hello Nailistas! I am so excited to have the pleasure of sharing Zoya’s new Spring 2013 Lovely collection with you. These truly are lovely shades and some that I’ve actually been waiting for Zoya to come out with for a while now, I really needed pastels. 
Zoya Lovely ~ Beauty is a lovely state of mind..
Jacqueline was originally created for fashion designer Peter Som and is described by Zoya as “a full-coverage, perfect magnolia nude creme.”  I used 2 coats without top coat. It seemed to lean a little more yellow than nude, or maybe like an eggshell white. I was surprised to see that I actually liked the way it looked with my skin tone. As you can see from the bubbling in my photos I did have some issues with the formula, all the cremes in this collection seemed to be a bit thicker than the usual Zoya consistency. Most people probably wouldn’t even notice but I just tend to like my polish a little on the thin side. 
Neely, also part of the NYFW Peter Som trio is describes as “a full-coverage earliest spring green creme.” I absolutely love this shade! I’ve heard people ask how close it is to Zoya Wednesday and I can say it’s completely different, much lighter and more green. I’ll post a comparison of the two sometime soon. Again I used 2 coats here with no topcoat.  I did add some thinner tho so it wouldn’t be as thick. Application with Neely was great, she went on smooth and has a super shiny finish. 
Blu is described by Zoya as “a full-coverage lucky hyacinth blue cream.” This was the shade I’d been waiting for. Everytime I shop Zoya’s website I look for a baby blue, I already have just about all of them and none were the pale blue I was searching for, then finally they release Blu and she’s exactly what I wanted! :) This is 2 beautiful coats. Like I said all of the Lovely cremes had been a little thick for my taste so I did add a drop of thinner before I even put it on and it was absolute perfection.
Piaf, originally created for fashion designer Zang Toi is a fresh forsythia yellow metallic. You could almost call it more of a glass flecked finish than metallic, very shimmery. It was so hard to capture the actual color of Piaf and since I don’t have any fancy photo editor my photos make it look darker, it’s really a much lighter more subtle shade of yellow, much prettier than I thought it would be. It was slightly sheer so I used 3 coats, 2 covered fully but I could still see some VNL so I added a third.   
GeiGei, also created for Zang Toi, is a gorgeous cheery blossom pink with that soft silvery shimmer that makes it metallic. A perfect springtime shade, I know I will be wearing this one a lot. Again I used 3 coats as it was slightly sheer, but formula and application were great. You can see a little bit of brushstrokes from the shimmer though it wasn’t bothersome at all, and usually that drives me crazy.
Julie is another custom runway shade that was originally released with the Zang Toi collection. It’s a soft wisteria purple with a hint of blueish undertones. The shimmer is much more subtle in Julie than with the other 2 ‘metallics’ in the Lovely collection. This is another shade that I had been searching for, the perfect pastel purple. Wonderful coverage and application, I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.
All of the shimmers had that same flawless application I’ve come to know and love with Zoya.
These ‘metallics’ are fabulous, when I think of a metallic polish I usually think of darker shades, I Love the look of these glass flecked pastels. And the cremes are wonderful, I’m already imagining what perfect undies they’ll make with some of my glitters and because of how opaque they are I know they’ll be excellent for using in nail art projects. 
-All of my swatches are shown without top coat. 
Zoya retails for $8 for a 15ml bottle and is available through the Art of Beauty website or Zoya.com.
Also make sure to follow Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Facebook page and on Twitter @ZoyaNailPolish for info on upcoming deals and promos and for lots of fun polish chat from the Zoya fairies.
So which of these Lovely’s are on your must-haves list for spring?

*Products in this post were provided by PR for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more info*
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    Great swatches! Thank goodness my Piaf isn’t the only bottle of it that has more green in it! I’ve seen other swatches that make it look as described by Zoya – yellow. Your bottle is the same color as mine. I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy! Although Piaf had the thickest formula of the bunch for me. Kind of goopy. And your nails are gorgoeus!

    • says

      Thanks! I thought it was strange, like looking at it with my eyes it looks like a nice shade of yellow but I just couldn’t get it to not look that greenish color. I tried all my camera settings and different lightbulbs and everything, it just won’t transfer to film. Lol.

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